George W. Johnson Center (JC)

The Johnson Center is a unique facility designed to encourage learning. Its programming and use emphasize the integration of curricular and extracurricular activities among and within the diverse community that comprises Mason.

Along with a state-of-the-art library, the Johnson Center contains a movie theater, a dance studio, a restaurant, a food court, a bookstore, a computer store, meeting rooms and the ballroom sized Dewberry Hall . One will also find a copy center, a credit union, a bank, and information desk, the Student Centers office, Student Academic Affairs, the Student Government offices, as well as the Paul Robeson Resource Room.

The Johnson Center also houses Admissions, Alumni Affairs, African American Studies Research and Resource Center, Global Education, Math Tutoring Center, Program Board, the Women and Gender Studies Center, WGMU Radio, Computer Labs, Collaborative Learning Hub, and the Student Technology Assistance and Resource Center (STAR).

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