Bull Run Hall (PW-BRH)

The largest academic building at the Prince William campus, Bull Run Hall boasts a distinctive design of sparkling glass walls. The three-story, 100,000 square-foot building houses more than 1,200 academic stations in electronic classrooms, computer classrooms and labs, lecture halls, and science labs. Ample space also is available for faculty and staff offices, an information center, programming areas, and conference rooms.

The Mason Enterprise Center@Prince William campus, located on the first floor of the building, offers business support services and a telework facility for the community.

Programs of study in Bull Run Hall are: Administration of Justice; Applied Information Technology; Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine; Humanities and Social Sciences; Center for Genomics and Liver Diseases; Chemistry and Biochemistry; Initiatives in Educational Transformation; Justice, Law and Crime Policy; School of Management; and Recreation, Health and Tourism.

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