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John Farina

Associate Professor, Religious Studies Department

Expertise: politics, law, public affairs

As an attorney, Farina has practiced corporate and church-state law and published articles on current topics on law and religion. He is the author of "Beauty for Ashes: Spiritual Reflections on the Attack on America" and "Great Spiritual Masters: Their Answers to Six of Life's Questions." He is currently writing "The Intelligible Sphere: Theory of Religion in Civil Society."

Media Contact: Buzz McClain, (703) 993-8782,

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Toni-Michelle Travis

Associate Professor of Government and Politics

Expertise: politics

Travis is the author of the annual "The Almanac of Virginia Politics. As a former Fellow at Oxford University's Rothermere American Institute, she conducted research on "The Evolving Color Line" which explores how the old black/white racial division has been changed by the arrival of non-European immigrants who are called "people of color." She also co-authored "The Meaning of Difference," which examines race, gender, social class, sexual orientation and disability. Travis has served as a political analyst on Virginia and national politics on BBC World Service, C-SPAN, CNN, Fox Morning News and the Washington, D.C. affiliates of NBC, CBS and ABC.

Media Contact: Buzz McClain, (703) 993-8782,