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Carryl Baldwin

Associate Professor of Psychology

Expertise: Vehicle Safety Devices, Driving Distractions, Auditory Signals and Warnings, Auditory Cognition, "Smart" Cars, Visual and Spatial Learning

Carryl Baldwin has more than 15 years of experience investigating human factors issues in mental workload, surface and air transportation and cognitive aging.

Her primary research interests are in the area of applied auditory cognition, where she examines the way people interact with and respond to auditory warning signals in vehicles. She also, with funding from organizations such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Foundation, works to inform policy surrounding the standardization of auditory vehicle safety signals such as crash and collision warnings.

Baldwin's work is also funded by the Office of Naval Research, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, National Science Foundation and the Department of Transportation. Previously she has successfully completed multiple projects for the National Institutes of Health and both NASA Langley and NASA Ames.

She is a member of Mason's Arch Lab and conducts research projects using the department's driving simulator, EEG, ERP, EKG and eye tracking devices, and other equipment.

She is the author of 14 peer reviewed journal publications, 1 book, 12 book chapters and over 50 scientific conference proceedings to date.

Media Contact: Michele McDonald, 703-993-8781,