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Shane Caswell

Associate professor of athletic training and director of the Sports Medicine Assessment, Research and Testing (SMART) Laboratory

Expertise: Prevention of traumatic brain injury in sport, Effectiveness of protective equipment in sport, Concussions trends, Risk factors that result in concussion, Sport policy

As a licensed athletic trainer, Caswell’s primary research interest focuses on the prevention of traumatic brain injury in sport. Caswell has worked extensively with scholastic athletes and can discuss the risk factors and trends of concussion that may contribute to better detection, treatment and prevention of concussion. In his most recent study, he partnered with Fairfax County Public Schools to examine the concussion trends of more than 150,000 athletes for 11 consecutive years. It is the first study of its kind to look at high school sports over a significant period of time to determine whether or not concussions are increasing. He is currently working on a study that examines concussion in girls and boys lacrosse. Another component of his research focuses on evaluating the effectiveness of sport equipment used to prevent concussion.