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Ken Button

Professor, School of Public Policy

Expertise: transportation economics

Button has contributed to more than 80 books and over 400 academic papers in the fields of transport economics, transport planning, environmental analysis and industrial organization. Some of his recent books include: "Airline Deregulation: An International Perspective" (David Fulton Publishing), "Flying into the Future: Air Transport Policy in the European Union" Edward Elgar Publishing), "Transport, the Environment and Sustainable Development" (E & FN Spon publishing) "Air Transport Networks" (Edward Elgar Publishing). He is editor of the leading international academic journals "Transportation Research D: Transport and the Environment" and of the "Journal of Air Transport Management" and is on the editorial boards of nine other journals. He is on the scientific committee of the World Conference on Transport Research and the Advisory Board of the Air Transport Research Group.

Media Contact: Buzz McClain, (703) 993-8782,