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Kimberly Sheridan

Assistant Professor of Education

Expertise: Intersection of arts and cognition, issues related to art education, educational psychology

Kimberly Sheridan is an assistant professor of Education with a joint appointment in the College of Visual and Performing Arts and the College of Education and Human Development.

Sheridan has a diverse research background, focusing on the intersection of the arts and cognition, and has worked in functional neuroimaging labs, done field research on the contemporary visual arts in East Africa, conducted observational and interview studies of high school visual arts classrooms and used on-line surveys and interview to study film fans who participate in discussion groups.

She is a Research Specialist for the Studio Thinking Project, which studies teaching, learning and assessment in the visual arts. In addition to her research, she has been involved in professional development for teachers. Sheridan is currently working towards developing a research center on learning in the arts at Mason.