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Chawky Frenn

Associate Professor of Painting

Expertise: Painting, drawing, two-dimensional design, visual vocabulary

Frenn Chawky is an associate professor of Painting in the Department of Art and Visual Technology whose experience of civil war in his home country of Lebanon powerfully influences his work.

Frenn can discuss the elements and principles of two-dimensional design, establishment of visual vocabulary and contemporary practices in visual arts. He can also discuss the development of formal and technical skills with an emphasis on paint application, color interactions and concepts, methodologies and approaches relevant to contemporary painting.

Frenn works are exhibited nationally and internationally. He has had shows in the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Lebanon and Paraguay. He has also participated in many museum shows such as Sursock Museum in Lebanon, the Fine Arts Institute of the San Bernardino County Museum and the Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art.