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Donald Gantz

Professor and Chair, Department of Applied Information Technology

Expertise: Information technology, Forensics, Computer simulation, Handwriting analysis

Gantz has taught courses  on basic statistics, probability, stochastic systems, computer simulation, case studies in applied statisticsat the undergraduate and graduate levels. His research interests are mathematical economics, applied statistics, flight test analysis, computer performance engineering and capacity planning, computer simulation and management decision systems.

He is an active researcher and practitioner in the application of geographic information systems, modeling systems and decision support systems to transportation demand management and traffic mitigation. Throughout his years as an applied statistician, he has been involved with survey design, analysis and reporting. He has considerable experience in the development of management decision systems and in litigation related analyses. He has done research, published papers and made presentations about the relationship between tuberculosis and demographic and socioeconomic factors in Northern Virginia.

Media Contact: Preston Williams, 703-993-9376,