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David Anderson

Professor, Recreation, Health and Tourism; Director, Center for the Advancement of Public Health

Expertise: Alcohol and drug abuse, Driver safety, Driving performance, Health and safety communication

David Anderson is a professor of recreation, health and tourism and director of Mason's Center for the Advancement of Public Health. During his 35-year career in higher education, he has promoted positive youth development and healthy living. Some of his specialty areas include health promotion, strategic planning and mobilization, health communication and needs assessment and evaluation.

His specialization in drug and alcohol abuse prevention, particularly with colleges and universities, has earned him a national reputation for promoting comprehensive, innovative and accountable programs and polices.

Working with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Anderson and his colleagues developed the Best of CHOICES Alcohol Education resource guide. Best of CHOICES includes some of the best examples of the various ways institutions have made use of grant funding they received to develop programs that would help address the importance of alcohol abuse prevention on college campuses. In addition, the guide includes recommendations made by Anderson that can help campuses to design and implement meaningful campus-based efforts to reduce alcohol-related problems.

During his 20 years at Mason, Anderson has acquired more than $8.3 million in grants for over 150 research and applied projects.