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Shanshan Cui

Assistant Professor of Graphic Information Design

Expertise: Human-computer interface design, website design, online branding

Shanshan Cui is an assistant professor of Graphic Information Design in the Department of Art and Visual Technology in the College of Visual and Performing Arts and was trained in the Chinese tradition of arts and design education.

Cui can discuss graphic information design and human-computer interface design and usability. Her first design for a client, the website of the College of Design at Iowa State University, won a silver award from AIGA in 1997. Some of the clients with which she works include high tech startups, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, as well as established corporations. In her design, Shanshan emphasizes the integration of the functionality, usability as well as aesthetics.

In addition to being a designer and teacher, Shanshan is also an active artist and has shown her paintings in galleries in Boston, Connecticut, Minnesota, Iowa, as well as China.

Helen Frederick

Associate Professor of Printmaking

Expertise: Printmaking, drawing, books as visual language

Helen Frederick is as associate professor and director of Printmaking in the Department of Art and Visual Technology and is a distinguished print, paper, book arts and electronic media artist.

As founder of Pyramid Atlantic in 1981, Frederick has been responsible for the development of the organization into an internationally recognized arts center, organizing cultural exchange programs, exhibitions and creating print media publications that are represented in museums around the world. She can discuss printmaking, bookmaking and textual studies.

Frederick's work is in the collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art, the National Museum of American Art, the National Gallery of Art, the Library of Congress and the Fogg Museum. She also teaches nationally as a lecturer and resident artist at various colleges, universities and museums.

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Chawky Frenn

Associate Professor of Painting

Expertise: Painting, drawing, two-dimensional design, visual vocabulary

Frenn Chawky is an associate professor of Painting in the Department of Art and Visual Technology whose experience of civil war in his home country of Lebanon powerfully influences his work.

Frenn can discuss the elements and principles of two-dimensional design, establishment of visual vocabulary and contemporary practices in visual arts. He can also discuss the development of formal and technical skills with an emphasis on paint application, color interactions and concepts, methodologies and approaches relevant to contemporary painting.

Frenn works are exhibited nationally and internationally. He has had shows in the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Lebanon and Paraguay. He has also participated in many museum shows such as Sursock Museum in Lebanon, the Fine Arts Institute of the San Bernardino County Museum and the Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art.

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Scott Martin

Associate Professor of Game Design, Music Composition and Arts Entrepreneurship, Assistant Dean for Technology, Research and Advancement

Expertise: Music, motion network-based interactive performance systems, interactive network design, multimedia applications and languages

Scott Martin is an associate professor of Game Design, Music Composition and Arts Entrepreneurship and assistant dean for Technology, Research and Advancement in the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

Martin's research includes broad bandwidth three-dimensional multipoint content interface design, three-dimensional CBT modules and multimedia information design enhancements for network systems.

Martin coordinated the Arts Management Arts Entrepreneurship Graduate Certificate program and is the founder and director of the new computer game design program at Mason.

Media Contact: Preston Williams, 703-993-9376,

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Renee Sandell

Professor Art and Visual Technology and Director of the Master of Arts in Teaching in Art Education Program

Expertise: Art education, professional development of teachers, visual literacy, gender concerns

Renee Sandell is a professor of Art and Visual Technology in the College of Visual and Performing Arts and director of the Masters of Arts in Teaching Art Education Program.

Sandell's research and teaching interests include visual literacy, gender concerns, multicultural issues in art education, studio pedagogy, art and healing, museum education, technology and learning and the professional development of teachers. She is co-author and co-editor of several books including "Women, Art and Education" and "Gender Issues in Art Education: Content, Contexts and Strategies." Her installations of ink and watercolor markings explore the human condition in time, space and place.

As an advocate of art education leadership, Sandell has served on several art education editorial boards and was a member of the Advisory Board of School Arts magazine. She has also presented workshops for the National Gallery of Art's Summer Teacher Institute and has served as a consultant to various school systems, museums, cultural organizations as well as the Maryland State Department of Education.

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Kimberly Sheridan

Assistant Professor of Education

Expertise: Intersection of arts and cognition, issues related to art education, educational psychology

Kimberly Sheridan is an assistant professor of Education with a joint appointment in the College of Visual and Performing Arts and the College of Education and Human Development.

Sheridan has a diverse research background, focusing on the intersection of the arts and cognition, and has worked in functional neuroimaging labs, done field research on the contemporary visual arts in East Africa, conducted observational and interview studies of high school visual arts classrooms and used on-line surveys and interview to study film fans who participate in discussion groups.

She is a Research Specialist for the Studio Thinking Project, which studies teaching, learning and assessment in the visual arts. In addition to her research, she has been involved in professional development for teachers. Sheridan is currently working towards developing a research center on learning in the arts at Mason.