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Michael Behrmann

Professor, College of Education and Human Development; Director, Helen A. Kellar Institute for Human disAbilities

Expertise: Assistive Technology, Instructional Design, Inclusion, Special Education, Distance Education

Behrmann is a local, state, and national leader/innovator in special education. He has devoted 35 years to improving services and personnel preparation in the field of special education with his innovative work in teaching, research and service. He believes in collaborative research/training enhanced by technology. An early adopter of microcomputer technology, his pioneering pursuits are known worldwide. He wrote two of the first books on assistive and instructional technology.

He is currently the Helen A. Kellar Professor of Special Education in the Graduate School of Education and the coordinator of the special education programs.  He is the Director of the Helen A. Kellar Institute for Human disAbilities(KIHd), with over 50 funded faculty and staff of which over 15 percent have disabilities.


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Kristine Bell

Associate Professor of Statistics

Expertise: Statistical signal processing, sensor array processing

Kristine Bell is an associate professor of Statistics in the Volgenau School of Information Technology and Engineering. Her research interests are in the areas of robust, adaptive signal-processing techniques and performance bounds for source localization and tracking with applications in radar, sonar, aeroacoustics and satellite communications.

She has held visiting researcher positions at the Naval Research Laboratory and the Army Research Laboratory, working on problems in underwater acoustic communications and tracking aero-acoustic targets using sensor networks. Bell has also worked as a consultant for SAIC, ArgonST and Lockheed Martin.

Bell is currently the vice-chair of the Sensor Array and Multichannel Technical Committee of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Signal Processing Society. She received her PhD in information technology from George Mason University.


Media Contact: Preston Williams, 703-993-9376,

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Frederic Bemak

Professor of Counseling and Development; Director, Diversity Research and Action Center

Expertise: Cross-cultural counseling, Social justice, Refugee adn immigrant mental health, at-risk youth, post-disaster counseling

Bemak conducts research focused on cross-cultural counseling, social justice, refugee and immigrant mental health, at-risk youth, and post-disaster counseling. His recognition in these areas extends to 30 countries and throughout the United States. He is a former Fulbright Scholar, Kellogg International Fellow, and World Rehabilitation Fund Fellow. He is founder of Counselors Without Borders and received the 2004 O'Hana Social Justice Award by the Counselors for Social Justice, a division of the American Counseling Association.

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Jennifer Berger

Associate Professor of Initiatives in Educational Transformation

Expertise: Adult development, Transformational learning, teacher professional development, Executive coaching

Berger is Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Education's Initiatives in Educational Transformation (IET) Program. Her research focuses on understanding the ways adults learn and grow over time and on giving voice to that journey. In her writing and her teaching, Berger explores the workplace as one of the major centers of learning for adults, and she uses her work to help adults think about their work and their workplaces in ways that help them gain new perspectives and capacities to make positive changes in their classrooms and offices.

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Amy Best

Associate Professor of Sociology

Expertise: Youth culture, proms, car culture, teens, social identity

Best is interested in the study of youth, culture and social inequalities.

She earned her PhD in Sociology in 1998 from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. She is author of "Prom Night: Youth, Schools and Popular Culture" (2000 Routledge), which was selected for the 2002 American Educational Studies Association Critics' Choice Award and "Fast Cars: Cool Rides: The Accelerating World of Youth and Their Cars" (NYU Press 2005) in addition to several articles and book chapters.

Media Contact: Michele McDonald, 703-993-8781,

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David Brazer

Associate Professor of Education Leadership

Expertise: Leadership and decision making in schools

Brazer is an Assistant Professor in the Education Leadership Program at George Mason University teaching primarily in the Education Leadership master's program for students pursuing a Virginia principal's license.

Brazer's primary research interest is in the area of educational decision making. He and co-author L. Robin Keller from the U-C Irvine Paul Merage School of Business have developed a model of decision making in educational contexts. Applying this model to field-based research, Brazer and his research partners are working with two school districts in Virginia and two in California to study specific change decisions and their implementation as the process occurs. This real-time study of decision making is unusual in education and private sector based research. Implications include re-conceptualizing how decisions occur in educational contexts and helping school leaders to understand how multiple constituencies influence their decision making.

Additional research and publication efforts include the study of school site committee work, exploring the role of culturally and linguistically diverse teachers in assisting school leaders to reach immigrant student populations and understanding how principals can attract and retain career switcher teachers.

Thomas Britt

Assistant Professor of Film and Video Studies

Expertise: Script writing, documentary filmmaking

Thomas Britt is an assistant professor of Film and Video Studies in the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

Britt's work as a filmmaker includes narrative and documentary production on film and video. He has directed several short films and has also served as producer and/or director of photography on several shorts films and videos. He can discuss various aspects of documentary filmmaking including technical skills, emerging styles of nonfiction film and documentary storytelling techniques.

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Michael Bronzini

Department Chair and Dewberry Chair Professor of Civil Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering

Expertise: marine transportation and inland waterways, freight transportation, transportation education and training

Conducting research on transportation systems since 1970, Bronzini is continuing his career in research and teaching, with a focus on innovative solutions to complex multi-modal transportation systems problems. Prior to coming to Mason, Bronizi was director of the Center for Transportation Analysis at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, overseeing an interdisciplinary transportation research program with annual expenditures of $12.5 million. He is a registered professional engineer and is a member of the Transportation Research Board, where he has served on numerous committees and panels.

Media Contact: Preston Williams, 703-993-9376,

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William Brozo

Professor of Literacy

Expertise: Adolescent literacy, Secondary literacy reform, Struggling learners, Literacy achievement for boys

Brozo focuses his research on the intersection of cultural, political, gender, and strategic variables in adolescent literacy. His widely read book, Content Literacy for Today’s Adolescents (Merrill Prentice Hall, 2007), blends theory and practice. He is internationally recognized for his writing on literacy and masculinity, his column in the English/Russian language journal Thinking Classroom, and his participation on the PISA-PIRLS Task Force, where he is responsible for monitoring and critiquing global literacy assessment studies.

Ken Button

Professor, School of Public Policy

Expertise: transportation economics

Button has contributed to more than 80 books and over 400 academic papers in the fields of transport economics, transport planning, environmental analysis and industrial organization. Some of his recent books include: "Airline Deregulation: An International Perspective" (David Fulton Publishing), "Flying into the Future: Air Transport Policy in the European Union" Edward Elgar Publishing), "Transport, the Environment and Sustainable Development" (E & FN Spon publishing) "Air Transport Networks" (Edward Elgar Publishing). He is editor of the leading international academic journals "Transportation Research D: Transport and the Environment" and of the "Journal of Air Transport Management" and is on the editorial boards of nine other journals. He is on the scientific committee of the World Conference on Transport Research and the Advisory Board of the Air Transport Research Group.

Media Contact: Buzz McClain, (703) 993-8782,