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Jeff Offutt

Professor of Software Engineering

Expertise: Web-based software applications, Object-oriented software, Open-source software,

Offutt is a full professor of Software Engineering in the Volgenau school of Information Technology at George Mason University. His current research interests include software testing, analysis and testing of web applications, object-oriented program analysis, module and integration testing, formal methods, and software maintenance. He has published over 100 refereed research papers and has received funding from various government agencies and companies. His current projects include testing of web applications, analysis and testing of object-oriented software, measuring software maintenance of open-source software, and deriving tests from formal specifications of safety critical software. He is on the technical board of advisors for Certess, Inc.

Media Contact: Preston Williams, 703-993-9376,

Robert Quinn

Instructor, Applied Information Technology

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Expertise: business, Information technology, computer science

Robert T. Quinn is an Instructor in the Applied Information Technology Department in George Mason University's Volgenau School of Engineering.

A former U.S. Army Captain, Professor Quinn is the Founding Director of the master of science in Applied Information Technology program; Deputy Director, Intelligence Community Programs; and Instructor in the Senior Capstone Program for GMU’s Volgenau School of Engineering. He guides academic program development, oversees adjunct faculty and graduate student recruitment, and coordinates relationship management for the Program’s customers.

Professor Quinn is currently CEO of Gateway Management Group, Inc., an organization strategy firm. Before joining Mason, he was Vice President, Financial Services – North America Practice for Gemini Consulting. He was Senior Vice President of Drake Beam Morin, Inc., then the world’s largest career management firm, as well as General Manager-Philadelphia Region. He developed the business strategy for DBM’s Senior Executive Transition Program and coached top executive clients. He also served as Vice President for Business Development at Warner Amex, as Manager of Corporate Strategy for W.R. Grace, and as Head of Citicorp’s Brokerage Industry Banking Department.

Professor Quinn earned his MBA and BA in English Literature from Fordham University.

Media Contact: Buzz McClain, (703) 993-8782,

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Charles Snow

Associate Professor, Associate Chair for Graduate Studies

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Expertise: Computer science in education and medicine

Charles Snow, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Applied Information Technology and the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies in the Department of Applied Information Technology, Volgeneau School of Engineering. He joined George Mason University in 2002 as an adjunct professor. His research interests include pervasive computing, particularly in education and medical areas, applications of ICT to teaching in the developing world and operating systems.

Dr. Snow earned his PhD in Computer Science from McGill University, Montreal, Canada.


Media Contact: Preston Williams, 703-993-9376,

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Gheorghe Tecuci

Professor of Computer Science; Director of the Learning Agents Center

Expertise: Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Knowledge engineering, Knowledge acquisition and problem solving

Tecuci's research is focused on creating a theory for the development of knowledge-based agents by typical users who do not have knowledge engineering experience. The envisioned theory will allow these typical users to develop intelligent assistants that incorporate their problem solving expertise, and will thus contribute to a new revolution in the use of computers (where typical users will no longer be just users of programs developed by others, but agent developers themselves).

As part of this long-term research effort,  Tecuci has originated or contributed to several important concepts in intelligent agents, machine learning and knowledge acquisition, including: multistrategy learning, learning agent shell, plausible explanations, plausible version spaces, plausible justification trees, understanding-based knowledge extension, consistency-driven knowledge elicitation, integrated teaching and learning, and mixed-initiative reasoning. These contributions have led to the “Disciple” agent development approach where a subject matter expert teaches a Disciple learning agent to become a knowledge-based assistant, in a way that is similar to how the expert would teach a human apprentice, through specific problem solving examples and explanations, and by supervising and correcting agent’s problem solving behavior.


Media Contact: Preston Williams, 703-993-9376,

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Harry Wechsler

Professor of Computer Science

Expertise: Facial recognition, Machine learning/intelligence, Intelligent decision making systems

Wechsler received the PhD degree in computer science from the University of California, Irvine, in 1975. Currently, he is a Professor of computer science and Director for the Center of Distributed and Intelligent Computation at George Mason University.

His research in the field of intelligent systems focuses on computational vision, image and signal processing, data mining, machine learning and pattern recognition, with applications for ATR, biometrics/face recognition, intelligent HCI, performance evaluation, temporal data mining, and video processing and surveillance. He has published more than 200 scientific papers, serves on the editorial board for major scientific publications  and is the author of Computational Vision and Reliable Face Recognition Methods, which breaks new ground in biometrics and applied modern pattern recognition.

Wechsler also directed the development of FERET, which has become the standard facial data base for benchmark studies and experimentation.

Media Contact: Preston Williams, 703-993-9376,

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