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Harry Wechsler

Professor of Computer Science

Expertise: Facial recognition, Machine learning/intelligence, Intelligent decision making systems

Wechsler received the PhD degree in computer science from the University of California, Irvine, in 1975. Currently, he is a Professor of computer science and Director for the Center of Distributed and Intelligent Computation at George Mason University.

His research in the field of intelligent systems focuses on computational vision, image and signal processing, data mining, machine learning and pattern recognition, with applications for ATR, biometrics/face recognition, intelligent HCI, performance evaluation, temporal data mining, and video processing and surveillance. He has published more than 200 scientific papers, serves on the editorial board for major scientific publications  and is the author of Computational Vision and Reliable Face Recognition Methods, which breaks new ground in biometrics and applied modern pattern recognition.

Wechsler also directed the development of FERET, which has become the standard facial data base for benchmark studies and experimentation.

Media Contact: Preston Williams, 703-993-9376,

Stephen White

Professor of Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning

Expertise: Cognitive development, Teacher development, Problem solving in young children

White is a Professor in the Graduate School of Education at George Mason University. He currently serves as Director of the Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning (ASTL) Program and teaches in the literacy program, the ASTL core course sequence and the ASTL early childhood concentration.

White's research interests focus on the strategies young children use to solve reasoning problems and teacher development. His research has addressed young children's abilities to solve analogy problems and the effects of teaching young children to solve these problems. In addition, White has conducted investigations that examine teacher beliefs and practices toward early literacy and mathematics instruction.

White also serves on the editorial board of Early Education and Development and has consulted extensively with schools and community agencies on early childhood curriculum and program development. He currently serves as a consultant on a school district effort to develop and implement a kindergarten mathematics assessment.

Martin Winkler

University Professor of Classics

Expertise: Greek and Roman literature, culture, mythology

Martin Winkler is a University Professor of Classics in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages.

He teaches classical Greek and Roman literature, culture and mythology with special emphasis on the importance of the past for the presence. His special area of interest is the representation of the Roman Empire in American popular culture, especially in Hollywood epics such as "Spartacus" and "Gladiator." He also specializes in American and European film adaptations of ancient literature and myth.

He has published several articles on classical and medieval culture and mythology in film. He is the author of the books titled "Cinema and Classical Texts: Apollo's New Light" and "The Roman Salute: Cinema, History, Ideology."

James Witte

Research Director, Institute for Immigration Research and Professor of Sociology

Expertise: Research methods especially survey research and the analysis of large longitudinal data sets, identifying the economic contributions of immigrant workers

Witte currently leads research for the newly created Institute for Immigration Research (IIR), which focuses on the economic contributions of immigrants in the U.S. workforce. Current projects include the mapping of immigrant entrepreneurs by geography and industry as well as the unique contributions of immigrants as Nobel Laureates or Major League Baseball All-Stars. Witte teaches graduate classes in research methods and survey research.

Janusz Wojtusiak

Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Administration and Policy

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Expertise: Use of Intelligent Systems in Health Data Security, Health Data Security Education

Wojtusiak is an assistant professor in Mason's Department of Health Administration and Policy and the director of the GMU Machine Learning and Inference Laboratory and the Center for Discovery Science and Health Informatics. His research interests include theoretical and practical aspects of health informatics, in particular development and use of artificial intelligence in clinical decision support and knowledge discovery in healthcare data, machine learning, evolutionary computation, knowledge mining, intrusion detection, virtual collaboration and advising, and a wide range of applications of these fields in health care.

Media Contact: Michele McDonald, 703-993-8781,

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James Wolfe

Assistant Professor of Management, Entrepreneur-in-Residence

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Expertise: Entrepreneurship, emerging growth firms

Wolfe is a management executive, consultant, and attorney with 25 years experience helping emerging growth firms. He is the CEO and co-founder of J Street Consulting, a Washington, D.C., firm providing strategic marketing for new products, markets, and companies. He also serves as the Entrepreneur-in-Residence and assistant professor of management in the School of Management at George Mason University.

Wolfe specializes in new ventures and organizations undergoing dramatic transitions, both large and small. He has been a founder, director, or consultant to more than 50 early-stage firms in a wide range of industries including the Internet, software, biotechnology, international trade, telecommunications, legal services, real estate, manufacturing and retailing.

Wolfe is a past director of the National Entrepreneurship Foundation, the National Business Incubation Association, and is a former Trustee of Indiana University. He also has served as an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland, where he taught courses on business planning, venture capital, and international entrepreneurship.

Jim Wolfe holds a BS, MBA, and JD, all from Indiana University.

Media Contact: Buzz McClain, (703) 993-8782,

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Yuntao Wu

Professor, Molecular and Microbiology

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Expertise: AIDS, HIV, Virology, Infectious Diseases

Wu, assistant professor in the College of Science’s Molecular and Microbiology Department, has spent the last six years decoding the molecular processes of the AIDS virus. AIDS, a devastating disease that is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), affected more than 33 million people worldwide in 2007, according to World Health Organization statistics. A widely published researcher whose work has appeared in prestigious scientific journals such as Science, Journal of Virology, Virology, Retrovirology and Current HIV Research, Wu believes that a solution to the AIDS epidemic is possible. The 2009 NYCDC AIDS Ride (, which takes place in September, will support the next stage of Dr. Wu's research which has the potential to stop the HIV virus from becoming AIDS. Wu earned a doctorate in virology in 1998 from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, after spending four years studying the DNA replication of the baculovirus family — a group of viruses that are fatal to insects and are often used for nonchemical pest control. He subsequently served for four years as a research fellow at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) where he began examining HIV infection in humans prior to joining Mason’s faculty in 2003. Wu has been the recipient of many awards and honors including the 2007 "Tomorrow's PIs" by Genome Technology Magazine, the 2006 Siemens Mentor Award by the Siemens Foundation, and the 2003 NIH Fellows Award for Research Excellence by NIH. His research interests include HIV infection of resting CD4 T cells and lentiviral vector development for targeting HIV infection.

Media Contact: Michele McDonald, 703-993-8781,

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Robert Wulff

Director of the Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship and MS in Real Estate Development

Expertise: Real estate development, large-scale planning, transit-oriented development, smart growth, public-private partnerships

With more than 35 years of experience in the real estate industry, Bob Wulff is the director of the Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship and MS in Real Estate Development in Mason’s School of Management.

Before coming to Mason, he served as senior vice president at B.F. Saul Company where he was responsible for acquisition and development projects for the firm’s $6 billion real estate portfolio. Prior to joining B. F. Saul, he served as executive vice president at Hazel Land Company and vice president at The Peterson Companies, where he directed all stages of greenfield and infill developments from site planning and architectural design through construction budgeting to marketing and sales.

Prior to his private sector career, Wulff was an investment banker with Smith Barney Harris Upham Company in New York City in their corporate finance division. He also served as deputy development director at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in the UDAG program where he was responsible for underwriting more than $1 billion of debt/equity investment for a variety of residential and commercial real estate projects in urban markets throughout the U.S.—all structured as public-private partnerships.

Wulff has also held academic appointments as an adjunct professor at UCLA's School of Architecture and Urban Planning and assistant professor at the University of South Florida's Anthropology Department. He has also taught a variety of planning and real estate courses at the University of Maryland and the Urban Land Institute.

Media Contact: Buzz McClain, (703) 993-8782,

Tony Yang

Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Administration and Policy

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Expertise: Health Law, Policy, and Ethics

Yang is an assistant professor in Mason’s Department of Health Administration and Policy. His current research focuses on legal and policy issues in the health care sector. Prior to joining Mason, Yang worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He holds graduate degrees in Public Health (Harvard), Health Policy (Harvard), and Law (University of Pennsylvania).

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Kristien Zenkov

Associate Professor of Literacy and Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning

Expertise: Urban teacher education, Language art pedagogy, Curriculum standards

Zenkov is an associate professor of literacy education at George Mason University and the co-director of the "Through Students' Eyes" project, which asks urban high school and middle school youth to document with photographs and writing what they believe are the purposes of school.

He has published more than forty articles and book chapters concerning urban teacher education, language arts pedagogy, and curriculum standards in English Journal, Visual Studies, Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, Educational Action Research, Journal of Urban Learning, Teaching, and Research, and School-Practitioner Quarterly.