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The Media Sources Guide is a directory designed to assist reporters in locating Mason faculty who can offer expert analysis and background information on a range of subject areas. Faculty have been listed in this guide because of the research they have conducted in their areas of expertise and because of their experience working with the media.

If you need an expert on a subject not listed, or have trouble reaching someone, please contact the Office of Media and Public Relations.

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Andrew Guccione

Professor and Chair, Department of Rehabilitation Science

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Expertise: Rehabilitation, geriatrics, Physical Therapy, exercise, physical activity in the older adult

Dr. Guccione was appointed the founding chair of the newly created Department of Rehabilitation Science in 2011. He joined Mason from the Department of Veterans Affairs, where he was deputy director of Health Services Research and Development Service in the Office of Research and Development. Prior to that, Dr. Guccione spent 10 years as senior vice president in the Division of Practice and Research at the American Physical Therapy Association.


His research interests are in geriatrics, health status measurement and functional outcomes after rehabilitation.  In addition to authoring or co-authoring over 25 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals, he was the recipient of a Special Emphasis Research Career Award from the National Institute on Aging.


He is a licensed physical therapist and his clinical practice has centered mainly on geriatrics and musculoskeletal impairment in older adults. He is the editor of a textbook, Geriatric Physical Therapy, now in its third edition.


Dr. Guccione holds a doctor of physical therapy from the MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston. He received his PhD in sociology and a certificate in gerontological studies from Boston University.  He also holds a master’s degree in philosophy from Temple University and a master’s in physical therapy from Boston University. 

Dr. Guccione is well versed as a clinician and as a researcher to discuss physical rehabilitation to restore functional abilities after injury or illness as well as how the science of rehabilitation, particularly around exercise and physical activity, is critical to the prevention of functional decline as we age.

Media Contact: Michele McDonald, 703-993-8781,